Views, flows and creating invoices (Nov 2018 invoicing improvements)

The default view on the invoicing page shows invoices that are In Progress, Sent and Paid. Click on Bulk and depending on how you invoice your clients, click on Appointment maintenance or Invoiceable clients to view the list of appointments that need invoicing.


Appointment maintenance shows appointments that have occurred and are not yet marked as invoiceable (you may not have added relevant information such as ICD-10 codes and still need to mark the invoice as invoiceable). On this view, you can select one or more appointments and add codes in bulk before marking them as invoiceable.


Invoiceable clients show a list of clients and the appointments held during that time period. You can filter which appointments are shown (eg. exclude cancelled or paid appointments) and generate an invoice.


There are more ways to create an invoice:

  • Click on the appointment > Send invoice.
  • Click on the blue plus icon (bottom-right), anywhere in the app.
  • Find the Client on the Client page and click on Invoices > New
  • Click on the blue +New Invoice button on the invoicing page
  • Click on Bulk > Invoiceable clients to view the invoices that can be generated from your appointments.

The three buttons on the top left give you different views on your invoices and transactions:

  • The first view shows you invoices that are In Progress, Sent and Paid.
  • The second view shows you the same invoices but in a table format instead of columns.
  • The third view has an option of a Statement and Past due view. Info on these two is covered in another post: [Transaction tracking](https://appointmentguru.co/blog/transaction-tracking-(nov-2018-invoicing-improvements)

Read more on the latest features in this update: