Bulk actions! (Nov 2018 invoicing improvements)

We’re all about minimising repetitive actions and this is the first implementation of that. Here’s what can be done with bulk actions:

1. Add ICD10 & tariff codes to a number of appointments at once. On the invoicing page, click on Bulk at the top right of the page. If you haven’t marked any appointments as Invoiceable then they will appear under Appointment Maintenance. Selecting multiple appointments will allow you to add the same medical codes to all of them at once.


2. Mark a bunch of appointments as invoiceable. Taking the same steps as above, select whichever appointments you prefer and click on Mark as Invoiceable. Once done, these will move to the Invoiceable clients view.

3. View clients with appointments that still need an invoice, and create one. After clicking on Bulk, select Invoiceable clients. This view will give you a list of clients (not appointments) with appointments that have been marked as invoiceable. You’ll be able to create one invoice containing all the listed appointments for that client at the click of a button.

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