Other improvements (Nov 2018 invoicing improvements)

More customization when editing invoices

While we auto-generate as much as we can, you can now edit almost every part of an invoice before sending it off. This includes invoice date, due date, client information, notes and banking details and appointments. Access this by clicking to edit an invoice.

Improved SnapScan integration

The SnapScan integration just got better! In addition to sending an invoice with a unique Snapcode for payment, you can quickly access the Snapcode on your device for your client to scan and pay immediately.

  • Click on the appointment > Take payment.
  • A Snapcode will be generated that can be scanned by your client's phone using the SnapScan app.
  • Your client will be sent a receipt automatically.


Invoice settings

Clicking on the cog icon on the top-right of the Invoicing page gives you access to more invoice settings such as adding notes to all your invoices (like, use the invoice number as a payment reference) and the ability to enable the SnapScan integration.

More quick actions and smoother flows

We've brought the things you do often to the front. From the blue + button in the bottom right, you can now immediately perform any of the most common actions you would need to perform:

  • Create a new invoice
  • Create an appointment
  • Create a new customer
  • Add a payment (record a payment and its method).
  • Search for a customer - You can now quickly jump to a customer by searching on name, surname, phone number or email address.


You'll also find some improvements on the client detail page including an improved form for capturing the client’s details and the ability to quickly create an invoice directly from the client’s page.

Read more on the latest features in this update: