Better payment recording (Nov 2018 invoicing improvements)

We’ve added a selection of payment methods to choose from when recording a payment. This includes cash, EFT, Card, SnapScan, Medical aid, Gift, Voucher and Other. To record a payment, click on any appointment, invoice or the blue plus icon, Add a payment or New payment. In the dialog that opens, you’ll be able to add the payment info.


You can also record the full or partial amount paid. This is particularly handy when a medical aid has paid a portion and the client pays for the rest.

There are two ways to view payment method and past payment history:

  1. On the Invoicing page, click on the statement view (the icon that looks like lightning). You can filter by client and see all related transactions.
  2. Click on the right arrow of the invoice in the Paid column > More > Payments.

Read more on the latest features in this update: