Zero-admin appointments and invoicing

More than just an appointment manager

AppointmentGuru is perfect for Physios, Biokinetisists, Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Psychologists, Dietitians, Consultants ... you.

Run your business like a pro

Manage your bookings on the go

Use our mobile and web app to manage your appointments, invoices, calendar, reminders and clients.

Stay informed and up-to-date

Send reminders and notifications that you can customise

Editable appointment and payment reminder notifications lessen no-shows and lighten your admin load.

Automatically generated invoices

Send professional invoices that clients, bookkeepers and medical aids will love

Industry-standard invoices sent at the touch of a button. Include extra medical info like ICD-10, NAPPI and procedure codes. Learn more

Get more bookings

Take bookings online

With AppointmentGuru, your clients can book online from your free website, or via the mobile app.

Guru Does It For You

Boost your subscription

Keep your business running like a machine with a dedicated Guru. We'll customise your AppointmentGuru account, be on standby to update your appointments, send invoices for you and so much more.

Go Pro

We offer a single, simple plan.

What you get
  • A free trial for one month
  • A mobile and web app for managing your appointments
  • A free website and mobile app for clients to make appointments
  • SMS and email appointment and payment reminders for your clients (and for you)
  • Customisable, automatically generated invoices easily sent via AppointmentGuru
  • Table talkers to encourage clients to make appointments through AppointmentGuru
  • Access to logo, business card and flyer design - all with your AppointmentGuru details
  • Boost your subscription with Guru Does It For You to use our expertise
  • Reliable customer support, keen to see you succeed!