What's included?

One month free trial

Create and manage your appointments

Mobile apps for you and your clients

Automatic SMS or email notifications

Integrated invoicing (with medical codes)

A free website and marketing material

Calendar syncing, and so much more...


Are there any hidden or extra fees?

No. We aim to keep our pricing simple and fair. There are no sneaky, hidden charges and we're always upfront about extra costs for additional features that you choose to use.

Can I use AppointmentGuru for my practice?

For practitioners who work together in a practice the cost is R500/month for your practice account (this includes one practitioner). Each additional practitioner costs an extra R400/month.

Can clients make their own appointments?

Absolutely, this is one of AppointmentGuru's fabulous benefits. Clients can book and manage their appointments with you (and have access to a bunch of other things in the AppointmentGuru app).

Can I sync my appointments to the calendar app on my phone?