November 2018 invoicing improvements

This release includes many improvements to the way you create and manage your invoices as well as a few tweaks to some general areas. Right now, the changes are only available in the web app (go to app.appointmentguru.co on your computer or phone).

You'll find the highlights below as well as links to other blog posts with more information.

New views. The invoicing page now has three columns instead of four, it shows invoices that are In progress, Sent or Paid.

We've added more ways to create invoices to suit the different ways it can be done. Read more.

New ways to create invoices. It's easier to quickly create invoices:

  • Click the blue plus icon (bottom-right) on any page.
  • Create an invoice directly from a client.
  • On the invoicing page, click on Bulk > Invoiceable clients to create invoices for multiple appointments. Read more.

Bulk Actions! On the invoicing page > Bulk (top-right):

  • Add ICD10 & tariff codes to a number of appointments at once.
  • Mark a bunch of appointments as invoiceable.
  • View clients with appointments that still need an invoice, and create one. Read more.

Better payment recording. Record full or partial payments and their payment method (cash, EFT, card etc).

Click on the appointment or invoice and select Add a payment. Read more.

Transaction tracking. Click on the lightning bolt (top-right) to view two options:

  1. Statement: a transaction view showing amounts invoiced and received.
  2. Past due: invoices overdue for 30 and 90 days. Read more.

Other improvements

Better customization. Once an invoice is created, click to edit it and you can add/remove text to almost every part of your invoice before sending it off.

More with SnapScan. Show the Snapcode for the invoice (go to Take Payment on the appointment or invoice) and your client can instantly scan and pay. AppointmentGuru will automatically generate and send a receipt to your customer once payment is received!

Invoice settings (cog icon > top-right of the invoicing page) gives you access to more invoice settings such as adding notes to all your invoices (eg. use the invoice number as a payment reference) and the ability to enable the SnapScan integration.

More quick actions and smoother flows. All the main things that you need to get done are now at your fingertips. Click on the blue + button on the bottom right to do more than just creating appointments!

Read more!

You should see an update in the mobile app stores soon!

We're always happy to hear your feedback to find out how we can make AppointmentGuru even better for you.