How does invoicing work?

AppointmentGuru's invoicing works for anyone and it also caters for South African medical practitioners whose invoices are submitted to medical aids. This means you can include various codes like ICD-10, process, procedure and NAPPI codes.

AppointmentGuru's invoicing is built to make your life easier when it comes to invoicing your clients. This page will give you an ordered overview and links to more information on specific invoicing features.

1. Add the business information that needs to appear on invoices

Make sure your billing information, logo and notes are automatically added to your invoices: Add your invoicing settings.

2. If submitting to medical aids, add your clients medical aid details to their profile

Your clients personal and medical information (address, medical aid details etc) only needs to be entered once per client: Adding medical records.

3. Add lineitems to an appointment so that it's ready for invoicing

As you finish an appointment with a client, update the appointment with any relevant codes, notes and information: Adding medical coded line items to your invoice.

4. Send one invoice for one appointment

If you need to send a once-off invoice for a single appointment: One invoice for one appointment.

5. Send one invoice for many appointments

For clients who see you repeatedly, send one invoice for a bunch of appointments: One invoice for many appointments.

6. Adding a discount

Sometimes you'll want to offer a discount: How do I give a client a discount for an appointment?.

7. Sending your invoice and reminders

You'll be able to send invoice reminders by email and/or SMS: Sending your invoice and automatic payment reminders.

8. Submitting invoices to medical aids

If you're a medical practitioner and need to mail an invoice to a specific medical aid, it can be done: Submit an invoice to medical aids.

9. Marking invoices as paid

Reconcile your appointments and invoices by marking them as paid as the money rolls in: Marking an appointment and invoice as paid.

10. Sending a statement

Generate statements showing due and/or paid invoices: Sending a statement.

11. Invoicing for classes

Classes functionality isn't yet available but we have a workaround if you want to invoice and offer classes in the meantime: Invoicing for classes.

12. Accepting payment by SnapScan

AppointmentGuru's handy SnapScan integration: How does the SnapScan integration work?.

**13. How do I export my invoicing data?

Coming soon!