How AppointmentGuru can help your business


If you're not sure whether you should make the switch to AppointmentGuru, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your business appointment-driven, ie. do you spend a good portion of your time having appointments with clients?

  2. Do you charge money or send invoices for those appointments?

  3. Are you still using a paper diary or Gmail calendar to manage your appointments?

  4. Do you find yourself sending new clients the same information about their appointment over and over again?

  5. Are you spending too much time sending reminders to your clients about their appointment?

  6. If you work in the medical field, do you need to send invoices that include medical codes for medical aid submission?

  7. Would you like your clients to be able to book and manage their own appointments?

  8. Would you like to move a more secure digital platform where you can manage your clients and appointments?

If you answered YES to at least half of them, then AppointmentGuru is definitely for you! Here's information on a few of our features to explain more:

  1. Flexible appointment management via the web and mobile apps. Easily add, reschedule or cancel appointments with your clients.

  2. Automatic SMS/email notifications to your clients that are customised to contain important information.

  3. Sync your appointments to the Calendar app on your phone.

  4. Send invoices for once-off appointments or include a batch of appointments in an invoice.

  5. Add medical codes (ICD-10, process, NAPPI) and medical aid information to invoices for medical aid submission.

  6. A free website and mobile app for your clients to book and manage their appointments with you.

  7. Reporting to give you insight into your business and appointments.

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Get more information on our features on our website. And remember, new AppointmentGuru customers get a free trial for a month! Sign up on appointmentguru.co or contact us for more info.

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