Where do I add my clients?

Add a client when creating an appointment or via the Client page in your AppointmentGuru account

Adding clients to your AppointmentGuru account allows you to schedule appointments with them. It also means they'll get automated notifications and you'll be able to store and view detailed information (how many appointments they've had with you, invoices, whether they've paid, notes, medical records etc).

Clients don't have to be pre-loaded into your account in order for them to make an appointment with you. You also don't need to have their email address or mobile number but it's a good idea to add a number if you'd like them to receive SMS notifications!

Ways to add a client:

  • Click on the blue + button on the bottom right > New Client
  • Go to the Clients page and click on the plus (top left) or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on +NEW CLIENT
  • Add a client when creating an appointment by clicking on +Contact Person and then the icon of a person to add a new client.