What can my clients do on the mobile app?

AppointmentGuru offers an iOS and Android app for your clients to book and manage their appointments with you.

AppointmentGuru has a mobile app for your clients to use and it can be downloaded via getapp.guru or the Google Play or Apple App stores.

The app has the following functionality:

  • View a list of favourite practitioners (ie. ones they've made an appointment with via AppointmentGuru in the past).
  • Scan a QR code to access your AppointmentGuru listing.
  • Book an appointment with you.
  • Choose the location of the appointment (if you've enabled that functionality).
  • View information about the appointment (eg. to bring special clothes, specific driving instructions etc).
  • Reschedule an existing appointment.
  • Get directions to the appointment location.
  • Book an Uber to get to the appointment.
  • Add the appointment to their phone calendar app.
  • View a list of upcoming appointments.
  • View any paid or unpaid invoices.
  • Add medical aid information and share those with you.
  • Update contact information.
  • Refer and recommend your services as well as AppointmentGuru.
  • View a directory of other practitioners who offer their services via AppointmentGuru.