One invoice for one appointment

Quickly create an invoice for a single appointment, with or without lineitems.

Create an invoice for one appointment without medical line items:

  • Click on the appointment on the Calendar page and click on Send invoice.
  • In the window that opens, and you don't want to check the invoice, click on Send, you're done!
  • If you want to check the invoice before you send it off, click on View. If you'd like to add some edits, click on Edit.
  • Once completed, remember to save if necessary, and send the invoice to your client.

Create an invoice for one appointment with medical line items:

  • You can either click on the appointment and then Manage codes to add medical codes. Or, using the steps above, you can add codes when you choose to edit the invoice.
  • Another way to add codes is to go to Client > Account or Client > Appointments and find the appointment you'd like to add codes to.