Improvements to online bookings and your free booking webpage

Updates to your online booking widget:

We have made some useful updates to the online booking widget. In short:

  • We have removed the need to sign in - thus making it a lot easier for your clients to book an appointment online
  • Improved support for timezones
  • "Private" and archived appointment types will not be shown on the booking widget - though you can still provide a direct link to a private appointment type if you wish
  • Share a direct link to an appointment type
    • Support for "flexible location" type appointments (e.g., home visits or meetings in a coffee shop)

To learn more about online, private and flexible location types, see: different appointment types and how to use them

Updates to your online booking webpage and greater flexibility with appointment types

  • Your free online booking webpage also gets a little facelift.
  • More options and customization available for customizing your booking pages and booking widget from settings -> media
  • Improvements to appointment type configuration from settings -> locations