A better AppointmentGuru mobile app for your Clients

Encouraging your clients to download and use the app means you'll get more time to focus on other important things! Introduce your clients to the AppointmentGuru app, by sending them to getapp.guru for the app store links. If you're a practitioner and you would like to check it out, download it and login with your usual AppointmentGuru details.

What's new?

Medical aid info
Clients can add/update their medical aid info in their accounts which will be shared with you. In a future update, we'll add the ability for your clients to manage who has access to that info.

View invoices
If you've sent your client an invoice, it's visible in the app. It'll show whether it's been paid or not (this relies on you marking an invoice as paid).

Directions, maps and Uber
Once an appointment has been booked, clients can choose to open their Maps app to get driving directions or book a ride with Uber.

Your additional appointment info
If you have more info you'd like your client to see about the appointment, you can add it! Go to Account > Locations > Edit Address and add details under Instructions for once they get there.

Clients can add appointment-specific details
Once a client has booked the appointment, they can add a message that will reflect on the appointment on your side. It'll also be sent to you via SMS.

And of course, bug fixes and small improvements are always included in each release.

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