Flexible and easy-to-use invoicing

Our invoicing will change your life

AppointmentGuru's invoicing is built to save you time, lessen your admin load and help you focus on the important things.

Customise your invoices with your business and client information

Include your business logo, name, address and bank details and your client info like name(s), address, phone and medical aid info

Generate invoices automatically

Send an invoice after each appointment or consolidate multiple appointments on a single invoice at month-end.

Powerful support for medical codes

AppointmentGuru allows you to add ICD10, NAPPI, procedure and process codes. Built-in Smart search helps find the right codes quickly and previously-used codes are suggested, reducing repetitive work.

Send, remind and receipt

Send invoices to your clients by email, SMS or in-app, remind them if they haven't paid and send a receipt once they have. All at the touch of a button.

Reconcile and view your reports

Mark invoices as paid as you get paid and easily view those still outstanding. Reporting updates to show your financial health over the month.

Go Pro

We offer a single, simple plan.

What you get
  • A free trial for one month
  • A mobile and web app for managing your appointments
  • A free website and mobile app for clients to make appointments
  • SMS and email appointment and payment reminders for your clients (and for you)
  • Customisable, automatically generated invoices easily sent via AppointmentGuru
  • Table talkers to encourage clients to make appointments through AppointmentGuru
  • Access to logo, business card and flyer design - all with your AppointmentGuru details
  • Boost your subscription with Guru Does It For You to use our expertise
  • Reliable customer support, keen to see you succeed!