Uninstall the Zoom integration

If you want to disconnect your AppointmentGuru account from your Zoom account you can do this easily

To uninstall the Zoom integration:

  1. Go to the Zoom marketplace
  2. Log in with your Zoom credentials
  3. Click manage -> installed apps
  4. You should see the AppointmentGuru app listed here
  5. Click uninstall
  6. Choose a reason
  7. If you would like to keep the meeting information from Zoom (start URLs, join URLs etc) on your existing appointments, check the box that says "grant the developer consent to retain data" (more detail on this below)
  8. Click "uninstall"

What happens next?

Zoom will send an uninstall request to AppointmentGuru. We will:

  1. Remove the integration from your settings
  2. If you did not grant us permissions to retain data, we will remove all Zoom meeting information from your appointments

What data is removed if I do not grant AppointmentGuru content to retain data?

For our integration, we store some basic meeting information on your online appointments:

  • Zoom meeting URL (the URL you share with your clients)
  • Zoom start URL (the URL you use to start a meeting)
  • Zoom meeting ID (which we use to generate a link from AppointmentGuru to the meeting in Zoom

If requested, we will remove that information from your appointments.