Send an email to your clients telling them about AppointmentGuru

Encourage and empower your clients to manage their appointments with you - send them details on AppointmentGuru and how it works.

We want to help you to encourage your clients to use AppointmentGuru to make and manage their appointments with you.

Please see an example of the email below, the content can be edited to suit your business and brand.

Subject line: Update on appointments with mypracticename

Dear clientfirstname,

I've recently started using AppointmentGuru to manage my appointments and invoicing. In addition to helping me run my business more efficiently, it will also allow you to manage your appointments with me.

Here is some useful information about AppointmentGuru:

  1. If you'd like to use the app to book appointments with me, you can find it on getapp.guru.
  2. Alternatively, appointments can be made via my website: website address.
  3. Once your appointments are made, you can expect a reminder 24-hours before the appointment.
  4. You'll be able to reschedule your appointment yourself, as well as view any paid or outstanding invoices in the mobile app.
  5. Your information will be kept safe and secure on the AppointmentGuru platform.

AppointmentGuru is a South African startup, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact them.

Best wishes,

We can send the email for you!

In order to send the email, we would need the following information:

  • The from-email address (keep in mind that it will also receive replies).
  • A list of clients with their email address and first-name.
  • When the email should be sent.

Once the email has been loaded, we will send you test emails to confirm that it's right before it's ready to go. We will also be able to send you a report with details of those who opened the email, bounced mails etc.

WhatsApp your clients, telling them about AppointmentGuru:

Hello! I use www.appointmentguru.co to manage my appointments and invoicing. If you'd like to book and manage your appointments and invoices with me, you can download the AppointmentGuru app from getapp.guru. You can also book appointments from my website: website address. Some features include:

  • Appointment reminder the day before.
  • Reschedule an appointment yourself (not within 24 hours).
  • View any paid or outstanding invoices.
  • Your information will be kept safe and secure on the AppointmentGuru platform.