How do I add the appointment types that I offer?

Before adding clients or scheduling appointments, you'll need to define the type of appointments you offer.

You'll also add your location and operating hours.

The steps:

  1. Log into your AppointmentGuru account, click on Settings and then Locations.
  2. Click on the blue plus next to Appointment types.
  3. Add a name, price and time period for the type of appointment you offer.
  4. Adding a number next to Order will specify the order of the appointment types listed on your website and in the app.
  5. Booking notice is the amount of time before the appointment you'd like to allow your clients to make their own bookings. By default, it's 1440 minutes (24 hours).
  6. Remember to Save!

If needed, you'll be able to change the cost of the appointment when creating an invoice.

To remove an appointment type, please click on the Bin icon to the right of the appointment type.

Repeat the above steps if you'd like to add more than one appointment type. For example, you might offer an Initial Consultation and also a Follow-up Consultation.