Editing information on the automatic client notifications

When an appointment confirmation or reminder is sent to your Clients, you can add extra information they may need to know. For example, telling them to wear comfortable clothes, or to knock because the buzzer is broken - anything to make your life easier!

Here's how to edit the notifications:

  1. Log into your AppointmentGuru account, click on Settings and then Notifications.
  2. Click on the notification you would like to edit.
  3. Make changes in the fields provided and click on Save.

Remember: the notifications use merge tags (for example {{client.first_name}} and {{appointment_start_date}} to send the correct information for that particular appointment.

Here's the list:

  • {{me.get_full_name}} adds your full name, eg. Sarah Smith
  • {{me.first_name}} adds your first name, eg. Sarah
  • {{me.profile.profession.name}} adds your profession, eg. Biokineticist
  • {{client.get_full_name}} adds your clients full name, eg. John Brown
  • {{client.first_name}} adds your clients first name, eg. John
  • {{appointment.currency}} adds the currency of the appointment, eg. ZAR
  • {{appointment.price}} adds the price of the appointment, eg. 450
  • {{appointment_start_date}} adds the date of the appointment, eg. Wed 5 June
  • {{appointment_start_time}} adds the time of the appointment, eg. 10.30am
  • {{appointment.product.title}} adds the name of the appointment type, eg. Followup Consultation
  • {{appointment.product.service.address.address}} adds the address where the appointment will be eg. 15 Flannery Road, Johannesburg
  • {% if appointment.product %}{{appointment.product.service.address.address}}{% endif %} adds the address if you operate from more than one location.
  • {{me.profile.banking_details}} adds your banking details, eg. Eatwell Nutritionists, FNB Cheque Account number 12345678, Branch code 123456