Block off time during your operating hours

You can block off time in your calendar for personal events during opening hours so that people cannot book appointments when you're busy

There will be blocks of time where you won't want to book appointments with your Clients. This could be because you're doing something else you want to note in your calendar. Or if you've enabled the feature where your Clients are able to book their own appointments, you don't want to take appointments at that time. There are two ways to get this done:

Once-off blocking

  1. Click on the blue plus on the bottom right or go to the Calendar page and select the timeslot.
  2. Check the box next to Tick this box to create a custom event for yourself, give it a name and create!
  3. Like an appointment, you can reschedule, cancel and make the blocked off time repeat.

Permanent blocking

If you want to block time on a permanent basis, it's a better idea to make a change to your operating hours. More info on updating operating hours.