Automating ICD-10 and process coding

AppointmentGuru can automatically add ICD10 and process codes to your appointments.

Adding ICD-10 and process codes is a neccesary part of generating ethical invoices that will be accepted by medical aids.

At AppointmentGuru we are all about helping you to be better at admin and spend less time doing it. With this in mind, and with tens of thousands of invoices under our belts, we'd like to show you how you can reduce the amount of manual work required to make sure that you are adding the correct ICD-10 and process codes on your appointments.

Add ICD-10 codes based on the client's current treatment.

When would you use this: if you have a regular client, and you will be treating them for the same diagnosis over a number of appointments.

What it does: Removes repetitively adding the same medical codes to a bunch of appointments for a specific client. Instead, you'll be able to add automation that does the work for you.


  • Go to Clients in the menu and find the relevant client. Click on the Codes tab.
  • Under the tab: "Client History", add the current diagnosis and treatment plan. Select "automatically add to appointments" to have this code automatically added to new appointments for this client during the specific timeframe.

What happens next:

  • Any appointments created with a client from this point that fit during the time frame you've specified, will automatically have the medical coding applied.
  • When you create the invoice to send to your client, that coding will be pulled through to the invoice.

Some things to be aware of:

  • Code automation added for a specific client will only add codes to appointments created from that point onwards. Existing appointments won't be affected.