Add online meeting information to your notifications

When creating online Zoom meetings from AppointmentGuru, AppointmentGuru will automatically add your meeting information (join URL etc) to your notifications

If you have not customized your notifications at all, you do not need to do anything here.

If you have customized your notifications, you will need to add some code to make sure your meeting URLs are included in your notifications.

Go to the edit notifications page: Open the sidebar: settings -> notifications.

The two notifications that you might want to edit are:

  1. "Appointment Reminder", and
  2. "Appointment confirmation message"

{% if appointment.is_online %}This appointment is online. {% endif %} {% if appointment.zoom_join_url %}You can join the meeting by clicking this link:
{{appointment.zoom_join_url}} {% endif %}

Now, when you send notifications for "online" appointments, the following text will be added:

This appointment is online. You can join the meeting by clicking this link:

We're here if you need help

Editing notifications can be tricky! If you are not comfortable making these changes, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] and we will be glad to update your notifications for you.

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Tip: You can learn more about AppointmentGuru notifications under the "notifications" section in the help pages