Guru Does It For You

We build AppointmentGuru with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind but we also know that sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to get certain things done. We can help you! From setting up your AppointmentGuru account all the way to logo design and day-to-day business admin. Boost your AppointmentGuru subscription with Guru Does It For You for an extra R400 per month. And take advantage, it’s included in your free trial!

How does it work?

Think of it as your own virtual personal assistant for all things AppointmentGuru. You’ll be able to find us via email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, phone and web chat.

What kind of things can Guru Does It For You do?

The list below outlines the kind of services we can do for you but it’s not limited to that list. If you have other requests, submit them and we will see what we can do!

1. Configure your AppointmentGuru account

We’ll speedily configure your AppointmentGuru account - appointment types, operating hours, tailored reminders, upload your logo, business description etc. Although, we would do this for you if you had a normal subscription anyway!

2. Import existing clients and appointments

It takes time to add your clients and existing appointments, we’ll happily do it for you!

3. Manage your appointments for you

It is super-quick to manage appointments via our apps but if you find it easier to ask us to do it, we will. Schedule, reschedule, cancel - we’re able to do it all.

4. Sending invoices and reconciling paid invoices in AppointmentGuru

AppointmentGuru’s invoicing feature makes it easy to create and send invoices to your clients. We can routinely send your invoices for you and if invoices have been paid, we’ll mark them as paid in your AppointmentGuru account. This makes your reporting useful and also means unpaid invoices can be reminded.

5. Mail campaigns to Clients

Introduce your clients to AppointmentGuru - we can send a personalised email on your behalf. Increase business with a mail campaign with special offers or send information on changes to your business.

By linking your Facebook page to AppointmentGuru, you’ll be able to direct people to your website to make an appointment. You can also setup an instant reply when you aren’t around to respond. If you don’t have a Facebook page, we’ll create the page for you and add business information, images etc (we’ll also add the “book now” button and instant reply).

7. Free website

Included in your monthly subscription is a free one-page website hosted with AppointmentGuru. If you’ve opted to buy a domain name, we can make sure that your website is available at that address.

8. Domain name and email

Buying a domain name (eg. means that you can have your own website and personal email addresses. Domain names are annually renewed and you will be charged - the amount depends on the domain type (eg., .com etc) but you can expect to pay R100 and upward a year.

9. Calendar

If we setup your email, we’ll be able to make sure the connected Calendar service is subscribed to your AppointmentGuru calendar.

10. Logo design, business cards and flyers

If you don’t have a logo, business cards or flyers already, we’ll put you in touch with a designer who can create one for you. If your logo needs a touch-up, that can be done too! An optional AppointmentGuru QR code can be included so that clients can scan and book appointments through the App.

Sound good?

Contact us to sign up for the service and get the help you need to make your business even more successful.