Empower your clients to book and manage appointments with you

Empower your clients to book and manage appointments with you


Your business can continually take appointments and help clients even when you're not personally available. And your clients can conveniently make and manage appointments anytime.

Clients self-book appointments

Instead of phoning or messaging you, clients can make and manage appointments themselves. AppointmentGuru offers a mobile app, a free website or booking code you can add to your site.

Clients manage their information

Your clients can update their personal information including contact details and medical aid info.

Information, directions and even an Uber!

Clients can get your address, easily find their way using Google Maps or even order an Uber from the AppointmentGuru app.


Reduce calls from clients asking to reschedule their appointment, the AppointmentGuru app allows for rescheduling up to 24 hours before the appointment starts.

View and pay invoices

Once you've created an invoice for a client, they'll be able to view it in the AppointmentGuru app. It'll show whether it's due or paid, and, if you've enabled the SnapScan integration - payment can be made using SnapScan.