Zoom integration

As social distancing becomes the new normal, many of you will need to start taking your businesses online.

To make that easy for you, today we are announcing an integration with Zoom video conferencing.

The AppointmentGuru integration with Zoom means you can continue managing your appointments just as you normally would, and AppointmentGuru will take care of creating corresponding meetings in Zoom as well as including the necessary information in your notifications.

With the AppointmentGuru Zoom integration you can:

  • Connect your AppointmentGuru account with your Zoom account.
  • Get all the information you need to start your Zoom call right from AppointmentGuru.
  • Your existing notifications are updated to send meeting URLs to your clients for online meetings.
  • We have updated the appointment information page which you can now easily share with your clients. It's a place where they can see all the relevant information for their upcoming appointment.

For more information on how the Zoom integration works, check out these help pages:

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