Your updated home page and sending invoices by WhatsApp

Your new home page shows a schedule for the day plus reporting. You'll be able to:

  • Toggle options above the graph to view alternative reporting.
  • Click on an appointment to open more information.
  • Click the dot to the left of the appointment for appointment actions.
  • Create an appointment by clicking on the pink plus icon.


Send an invoice by WhatsApp!


  • On mobile: tapping on Send by WhatsApp opens a WhatsApp chat with related mobile number and a link to the invoice.
  • On desktop: clicking on Send by WhatsApp prompts you to send by WhatsApp Web or download the desktop app. If you've got the app installed, it'll open there directly.

New Swipe functionality!


In the updated iOS and Android apps, swiping left or right on the schedule or calendar page moves you back or forward a day

Mobile App Ease of use User Interface