What needs to be on an invoice?

AppointmentGuru's invoicing feature is mostly automated but you still need to add certain details to personalise them.

General information (go to Account > Profile):

  • Make sure you have the correct business name.
  • Add your bank details, include the account name, account type, bank, branch code and account number.
  • If you're a medically-registered practitioner, add your practice number.

Your logo (go to Account > Media):

  • If you haven't added your logo to your account settings yet, adding it will also make it appear on the top-left of your invoices.

Invoicing-specific information (go to Invoices > click on the Cog at the top-right)

  • Invoice notes such as Please use invoice number as a reference when making payment.
  • Receipt notes such as Thank you for your payment!/
  • Add your Billing address to form part of a legal invoice.
  • If you've enabled your website and listing in the AppointmentGuru app so that your clients can make and manage their appointments with you, then you can check Show online booking details. This will add a link to the bottom of your invoice to your website.
  • Checking Include medical information adds your clients medical aid details. Don't check this if your business doesn't need to have medical aid details on invoices.
  • Add SnapScan lets you add your SnapScan ID and add a unique Snap code to each invoice. Remember to mail us to complete the integration (we need to contact SnapScan for you to change settings on their side).

Go through the above settings and you'll have great-looking invoices to send to your clients!