Take payments with SnapScan

The AppointmentGuru-SnapScan integration is perfect if you'd like to accept credit card payments without having to get a physical card machine.

Another bonus with the integration is that the invoice and appointment in AppointmentGuru is instantly marked as paid, so you don't have to.


Here's some steps to help you get started

  1. Sign up for a SnapScan Merchant account via SnapScan.co.za. You'll need to complete some FICA requirements and pay an initiation fee.
  2. Once your account has been approved, mail us with your SnapScan merchant code (you'll find it on the PDF available on the Download & Print page).
  3. We'll mail SnapScan (cc'ing you of course) to add the AppointmentGuru config to your account.
  4. Once done, we might do a quick R10 test payment (and appointment) to make sure everything's in order.
  5. You'll be able to see the SnapScan Snapcode on the invoices generated from your AppointmentGuru account. Clients can scan that code (not the general Snapcode provided in the merchant kit) to make payments.
  6. The appointment and invoice is automatically marked as paid.

Voila! One more thing to make your life easier!

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