Revamped mobile app and support for other appointment locations

Our first blog post! We've been busy building new features and this round includes:-

  • A revamped mobile app for your clients, including new features (see more below).
  • Better AppointmentGuru help pages.
  • The usual behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes.

These are the new actions clients of practitioners can take in the mobile app:

  • Choose where they'd like to have the appointment, this is particularly useful for home visits! If you'd like to enable this, let us know so that we can make the change.
  • Change the location of an existing appointment.
  • Reschedule existing appointments (by default, this can't be done less than 24 hours before the appointment and the time restraint can be changed).
  • Share a practitioners details with anyone via SMS, WhatsApp, email, social media etc.

More detail on the functionality of the mobile app are available on our help pages.

It's fun building features and we hope people will be pleased to see them! We always welcome feedback via email or our Facebook page.

Mobile App