QuickCodes and in-app notifications

Adding ICD-10 and process codes can be an arduous task. We’ve added QuickCodes to help make this easier for you.

To make your invoicing process simpler and more frictionless, we recommend keeping your appointments up to date as you go. Here's a quick video, showing how it works.

You can easily add ICD10 and process codes by accessing QuickCodes after clicking on the three vertical dots from an appointment in the mobile or web app. It also includes:

  • Searching for ICD10 codes
  • Searching for process codes (including the recommended Discovery Scheme price)
  • Quickly select codes that you’ve used before

We've also added in-app notification functionality to our mobile apps. Remember to update your app and approve the request to get those notifications. We want to start using in-app notifications for:

  • Sending you notifications of new appointments (this will be great for those of you who are sharing accounts)
  • Forwarding replies to your outgoing SMSs ... and much more!

And as usual, plenty of small bugfixes and UI improvements that you may or may not notice but hopefully makes your AppointmentGuru life smoother.

We always welcome feedback via email or our Facebook page.

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