Invoicing is here! Along with a brand new look


This is the first version of our invoicing feature, so expect updates and improvements as we receive feedback! One of the most requested features of AppointmentGuru invoicing is the ability to add medical aid codes (ICD-10, NAPPI etc) for submission to medical aids.

Invoicing also includes being able to add/edit different line items, split those line items evenly, add partial payment amounts, send good-looking PDF invoices by email, send payment reminders and mark invoices as paid. For more information on invoicing, please start off with How does invoicing work?

Medical records

Along with medical codes, you'll be able to add your client's medical aid particulars. Scheme name and number, dependent personal information - all the important details needed on invoices submitted to medical aids.

New look and feel

  • A revamped web app, an updated mobile app and both are virtually identical.
  • More intuitive appointment booking in the web app, making it even quicker to book appointments.
  • Clicking on Do It For Me opens a tab where you can live chat with us super-easily.

Bug fixes and updates

  • Improved way to add/view notes on an appointment and a client.
  • You can now edit an existing appointment.
  • You can also edit your client's information.
  • Reporting is on its own page, now with more graphs.
  • The graphs on the reporting page can be changed to show info over different time periods.
  • More date pickers to narrow down your searches on various pages (eg. choose a date range on the Client page to see what clients you saw over that time period).
  • We've removed the settings for your website (for now), it will come back soon.
  • A shedload of backend updates, fixes and enhancements to make everything run even zippier and look good.

We always welcome feedback via email or our Facebook page.

Invoicing Automation User Interface